Cruise Routes

Meanderer Barge Tours

Canal du Loing (Northern Route)

Our Northern route takes us from Montargis on the Canal du Loing to Samois-sur-Seine, most recently famous for having been the home of revered guitarist Django Rheinhardt. An equally beautiful scenic route, you will visit towns such as Moret-sur-Loing, Nemours, Chateau Landon, and Grez-sur-Loing. Since this route takes us on the rivers Seine and Loing you will experience the busy port of St. Mammes with huge laden commercial barges passing through. Our moorings are peaceful and rural with plenty of opportunities to walk, bike or simply relax and allow the crew to pamper you. Come and join us. Savor the food and wine, and relax while touring a truly enchanting countryside.

The yellow rectangle encloses the area we cruise.

Map of France showing area of cruising.

Canal de Briare (Southern Route)

We have carefully selected our Southern cruise to sail between Montbouy, a town with ancient Celtic origins, and Léré-sur-Loire. As you float aboard the luxury barge Meanderer, you will enjoy scenic views of the Upper Loire valley. You will visit the towns of Montcresson, Châtillon-Coligny, Rogny-Les-Sept-Écluses, Ouzouer-Sur-Trezee and the Sancerre wine region. With its rich history, glorious architecture, daily town markets, antique shops and museums, your experience can be tailored to your preferences by our crew and hosts. These ancient waterways will take you through the region in the way one traveled back then–at a leisurely pace, in a relaxed manner and through an unforgettable countryside.