Food & Wine

French Culinary experience on your barging holidays.

Gourmet dining on board is another aspect of the wonderful, relaxing week Meanderer offers. Dining al fresco under the canopy or inside in the elegant salon are both exceptional experiences.
Menus represent the dining for which France is renowned. Meals on board Meanderer are prepared only with the finest ingredients, and the presentation is exquisite. Our chef shops daily in the local markets for the freshest seasonal gourmet foods available. Menus can be adjusted to accommodate special dietary requests. We will always do our best to customize menus to the likes, or dislikes, of our passengers.

Our chef brings not only culinary expertise but also knowledge of the local wine regions (Burgundy, Sancerre and Champagne), so the wine pairings and selection of wines on board enhance the dining experience.

If children are part of the cruise we will make sure that the menus include age-appropriate dishes and chef will shop for favorite foods.

Special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, and celebrations are something that our chef loves to cook for, so if the cruise is for one of these events, let us know and we will prepare something extra special for you.