2018 Season Single Cabins Waiver

Single cabins can now be reserved for ALL Regular Season Dates confirmed by Dec. 15, 2017. We are waiving the 2 cabins minimum requirement.

*Above valid only for new Regular Season reservations. .
**Single supplement 100% add-on


UNESCO World Heritage Site

Widely acknowledged as the most beautiful village in France.Shortly after its foundation in the 9th century, the Benedictin eabbey of Vézelay acquired the relics of St Mary Magdalene and since then it has been an important place of pilgrimage. St Bernard preached the Second Crusade there in 1146 and Richard the Lion-Hearted and Philip II Augustus met there to leave for the Third Crusade in 1190. With its sculpted capitals and portal, the Madeleine of Vézelay (a 12th-century monastic church) is a masterpiece of Burgundian Romanesque art and architecture.

Meanderer continues to offer FREE Optional activities

You don’t have to make a commitment, prepay or have a set schedule. Get a round of golf or two, ask us to organize a guided biking tour of any length or duration, you can grab an hour or two of tennis one time or several times. Or maybe none or all of the above. We make it all possible on Meanderer at no extra charge AT ALL and we do it at your pace and choice.

*Includes green fees and push carts; clubs and cart rentals are extra.

2016 Season New and Improved Cruise Route

We have greatly improved our main route by combining the best of the Canal de Briare and Canal Lateral de la Loire. You can see details on our site, of course. This was achieved by extending our cruise to the famous Sancerre region and adding fabulous new on-shore visits such as Vézelay and la Charité-sur-Loire, as well as many other optional touring sites.

Multiple Excursions Options

To accommodate our guests, two vehicles (nine-passenger mini bus and five-passenger large SUV) will allow our guests an option to split into two different excursions every day. This exciting concept will allow wine lovers to take in another winery while golfers might take in a round at the same time, families might split to visit markets and historic villages while kids enjoy Guédelon, Activities Park or a swim in the lake, avid cyclists could take a half a day ride while others visit a historic chateau. Day trips to the Chateaux de la Loire with lunch included, such as Chambord, Chenonceau, Blois, etc., will become an option for some while others may choose shorter excursions within the same time frame.

Barge and Golf – Golf Charters in Upper Loire for 2017

We are pleased to confirm the continuation of our comprehensive golf program for the 2016 season. Each of the golf courses has been chosen for its location (traveling time from the barge has been kept as short as possible) as well as the quality of the course itself. All of the courses have been played by previous guests who reported favorably on their quality, variety and condition. We will personally visit all of the courses again before the start of the 2014 season to ensure they still meet the expected standards and to check any specific arrangements. Non-golfing partners of golfing guests need not worry about having nothing to do as we have researched specific additional excursions and visits which are completely compatible with a golf charter.

We’re also happy to customize the experience. With 2 vehicles, Meanderer can offer simultaneous activities for our guests; while some go golfing, others can visit chateaux or wineries. We can certainly golf some of the days and also golf can be scheduled during the boat cruising time to allow guests full flexibility of activities. We shall make every effort to book tee times for either the morning or afternoon leaving us free to cruise for the other half of the day. It is possible that golfing may overlap with cruising time and shall always try to make the necessary adjustments.

Guests will be delivered to and collected from each course by private mini-bus with a member of our crew to help them through the registration process at each course and ensure a trouble-free start to their game. The courses have been selected to provide a suitable challenge for experienced golfers. Some courses have facilities for less experienced players and we will happily enquire about course suitability for specific groups.

Handicap certificates are not usually required to play in France although it is a good idea to carry them if possible. Rental equipment is generally available in France, however the clubs’ sets usually consist of 6-8 clubs and no drivers, so we strongly advise guests to bring their own clubs. There is room on board Meanderer to store them and we can easily carry them in the mini-bus.

For detailed sample itinerary click Golf Charters.

Barge and Biking

Guided biking tours of all level Multiple Excursions Options program is a radical departure from standard barge visits allowing two simultaneous, different attractions instead of a one or nothing.The introduction of fully guided cycling tours as part of the Multiple Excursions Options is in itself a whole new program, which can be expanded at will to include full Barge and Biking charters.

The details will be dealt with on individual basis in accordance with clients’ preferences. Most can be arranged in the last moment(even upon arrival on the barge), however, advanced planning is always recommended. Everything from laid back rides following the canal bike-paths to 80 miles plus daily trips can be offered within our current itineraries. George will guide all biking tours.

The rides will be designed to supplement current activities, to allow for riding bikes (rather than the bus) to certain excursionsby all or some of the guests, or replace some excursions or even all of them with biking tours.

Six high-quality bikes are available for the guests. Avid cyclists may bring their own bikes (we can transport the cases to/from Meanderer and we have plenty of storage). High-end road bikes will be available for rentals (estimated cost is $450.00 per week).

The biking options are available to any and all guests on any given day and will be custom designed in accordance with biking skills and level of comfort. Maps, GPS, water bottles, helmets and essential spare parts are available. Cyclists can also bring their own shoes and clip-on pedals.

For detailed sample itinerary click Bicycle Charters.


The SPA on the deck has been replaced in 2013 with a brand new model accommodating in comfort and luxury all our guests. Easy access, comfortable hand rail makes it just two steps away from soothing and relaxing experience.